1990-2005 Acura NSX: Supercar Sunday


Name: Acura NSX (US) / Honda NSX (rest of the world)
Debut: 1989 Chicago Auto Show
Engine: 3.0-Liter V6
Specs: 270 Horsepower / 210 Pound-Feet
Price: $60,000 ($110,000 in 2019)

By the mid 1980s Honda, already the owner of a fine pedigree in motorcycle racing, was making a name for itself as a supplier of F1 engines and wanted some of that magic in its showrooms. The mid-engine 1984 Honda HP-X concept car designed by Pininfarina was its first effort to that end, but it wasn’t until the arrival of the Honda NSX in 1990, that the company fulfilled its wishes. 

Meanwhile in the United States, the Japanese manufactures had already made clear that they were not a temporary fad. Honda and Toyota were kings among them, with their economy sedans Accord and Camry climbing fast through the best sellers’ ranks. There were still plenty of lucrative spaces…

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