2019 Saleen S302 White Label evokes 1980s style with modern performance


The year is 1988. Five Marquette University dudes hop into a white 1988 Ford Mustang Saleen convertible to head to the hotspots of downtown Milwaukee, feathered hair and mullets flapping in the breeze. I’m one those dudes with one of the better mullets and I’m either wearing my black Scorpions “Rock Me Like a Hurricane” T-shirt or my white Queensryche “Operation: Mindcrime” T-shirt. I can’t say what the other guys are wearing, but there is almost certainly a polo shirt with a popped collar and plenty of stone-washed denim. The driver and owner of the car is from the McCaskey family that owns the Chicago Bears.

I never hung out with the young McCaskey again, but I knew the car was pretty special, though I wasn’t sure if the upgrades were just cosmetic. (Saleen made several suspension enhancements because the car had more engine than chassis, according to company…

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