2020 Cadillac CT5-V nails its European sport sedan mission, but is it too late?


Ever since the release of the Catera for the 1997 model year, Cadillac has been trying to build a European-style sport sedan that will convince buyers Cadillac isn’t just another stodgy also-ran.

Cadillac’s attempts have gotten better and better since a slow start with the Catera. The CTS followed in 2002 and was closer to the mark, though it lacked the interior quality to compete with the likes of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. The second- and third-generations of CTS were good cars but not German good. The last CTS was every bit as accomplished dynamically as a BMW 5-Series, but it cost too much and its engines couldn’t match those of the German competition.

Now, with the release of the 2020 CT5-V, Cadillac has hit the mark, but it may be too late. The CT5-V has the dynamics of a BMW, the interior quality luxury buyers expect, a competitive engine, and a price that screams…

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