2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Sounds Great With MagnaFlow Exhaust


With customer deliveries of the new Chevy Corvette finally underway, it doesn’t come as a surprise more and more videos are popping on YouTube with owners modifying their C8s. While we haven’t heard any complaints about the soundtrack delivered by the standard or the optional performance exhaust system, some people are always looking for more. This is where MagnaFlow comes into play as they’ve already developed a custom exhaust setup for America’s latest performance machine.

They teamed up with YouTuber Tj Hunt to work on his Corvette, which was among the first delivered by Chevy. MagnaFlow actually engineered and tweaked the exhaust system on his car, and the video host says it only takes about 72 hours to have it ready to hit the market once testing is done. The end result is notably louder than the standard setup created by Tenneco without…

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