2020 Corvette Production Numbers Show Buyers Were Big Spenders


It’s been a long year for everyone. For the folks at Chevrolet, 2020 was supposed to be the year remembered as the first for the mid-engined Corvette. 2020 instead will go down in history as the year of the coronavirus pandemic, but it still marks the beginning of a new Corvette era. There just aren’t as many models to show for it.

In fact, Chevy built exactly 20,368 Corvettes for 2020, which is just half the original plan of at least 40,000 units. That total is for both coupe and convertible, which breaks down as 16,787 Stingray coupes and just 3,581 Stingray convertibles. Chevrolet released a flood of production statistics to the National Corvette Museum, showing everything from packages to colors, options, and even buyers who opted for a specific VIN. It’s the kind of information car nerds love, so let’s take a few moments to discuss some of the…

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