2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid teases an EV experience with no charge port


In the Zen environs around Tucson, Arizona, this past week, It didn’t take any level of meditation to understand what the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid brings to the increasingly crowded cohort of compact hybrid crossovers: poise.

The CR-V Hybrid drove with the flow along stop-and-go boulevards, and it felt easy to pilot as my co-driver and I skirted the fringes of Tucson on rippled two-laners in the awesome backdrop of the jagged Santa Catalina Mountains and the contrasting Sonoran Desert, still warm and watercolor-esque despite gray skies.

And for the moment—for someone who writes about cars—it seemed equally eye-opening that the CR-V Hybrid made me feel so at ease and able to enjoy conversation and the backdrop.

Like the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid, the CR-V Hybrid is softly sprung and leans a fair amount in corners. The CR-V Hybrid has light, precise steering,…

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