2020 Mazda CX-8 Gets Modest Equipment Update For Japan Market


A more comfortable, more user-friendly three-row crossover SUV


Hiroshima, Japan–Mazda Motor Corporation starts taking orders today for an updated Mazda CX-8 at Mazda dealerships throughout Japan. Sales start on Nov. 28, 2019.1


MAZDA CX-8 XD L Package (Japanese specification)

Mazda CX-8 is a three-row crossover SUV that comfortably accommodates six or seven adults. Offering a sophisticated and high-quality design, responsive driving performance and a quiet and comfortable ride, it debuted in December 2017 as a high-end model in Mazda’s crossover SUV lineup. In 2018, the CX-8 was named the Japan Automobile Hall of Fame’s Car of the Year, with judges commending the model’s outstanding performance and space-efficient interior as well as its advanced technologies aimed at preventing accidents and efforts to reduce driver fatigue.

With the update, Mazda has further enhanced the model’s usability and comfort as a mature long tourer that achieves a beautiful look and refined driving despite its high seating capacity. Additional equipment includes USB ports for the third-row seats2 and the quality feel is enhanced with an optional power sunroof3 and an applied damping material that reduces the sound of rain on the roof. In the luggage area, the sub-trunk box is now big enough to accept a pop-up sunshade lying flat. Even with the third-row seat in use, the trunk can accommodate four carry-on bags,4 expanding the CX-8’s range of applications as a high-capacity vehicle. In addition, a new special edition model, Exclusive Mode, is available for those who want to show their passengers true hospitality. Separated by an armrest-equipped console, the second-row captain seats offer power sliding and reclining and seat ventilation for the first time in a Mazda car. Now people in the second-row seats can experience the same level of comfort as those in the front.

In addition, customers can now choose between front-wheel and all-wheel-drive for all three engine options. AWD models come with Off-Road Traction Assist to provide safe and reassuring driving performance on a wide variety of road surfaces.

Moving forward, Mazda will continue refining its cars so customers can experience driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance in routine driving situations. By energizing people physically and mentally and making clear the value of sticking with Mazda for the long term, the company aims to become a brand connected to customers by the strongest of bonds.

Updates to the Mazda CX-8

  • The second-row bench seat in L Package models features a one-touch walk-in switch
  • Nappa leather captain seats with walk-through available for L Package models
  • Black leather seats available for the XD Proactive S Package
  • Second-row seat heaters in 25S Proactive, XD Proactive and XD Proactive S Package
  • Cup holders and USB ports for second-row captain seats with walk-through (excluding 25S)
  • Some model grades feature USB ports in the third-row seats2
  • AWD models feature the newly developed Off-Road Traction Assist. This system works with the traction control system to maximize the transmission of driving force to the wheels in contact with the ground and smoothly extract the vehicle if it becomes stuck unexpectedly on a rough road, thus providing safe and reassuring performance on various road surfaces.
  • With an AWD option added to the Skyactiv-G 2.5 model and an FWD option added to the Skyactiv-G 2.5T model, customers can pick AWD or FWD with any engine type
  • WVGA center display increased from seven to eight inches
  • Rain noise is reduced with a damping coating applied to the roof
  • A power sunroof is available for some model grades3 and can slide open and close or tilt up
  • The size of the sub-trunk box is increased (84 liters without Bose sound system (increased 19 liters) (56 liters with Bose sound system (increased 8 liters)).
  • Power sliding and reclining functions for second-row seats
  • Second-row seats also feature seat ventilation, which extracts hot, moist air trapped between the seat and passenger’s body
  • Power walk-in switches fold the second-row seat backs down and slide the seats forward
  • Second-row seats feature an armrest-equipped console
  • Black leather seats (available in six-seat and seven-seat configurations)
  • Seat heaters and ventilation for driver and passenger seats
  • Frameless auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Seven-inch multi speedometer (TFT color)

2019 Tokyo Motor Show

The updated Mazda CX-8 will be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show from Wednesday, Oct. 23 through Monday, Nov. 4, 2019.
Please visit Mazda’s 2019 Tokyo Motor Show website:

  • – Prices shown above do not include insurance or taxes except consumption tax. A recycling fee of 14,530 yen must also be paid at the time of purchase.
  • – Selecting the special body color Soul Red Crystal increases the price by 77,000 yen (including tax).
  • – Selecting the special body color Machine Gray increases the price by 55,000 yen (including tax).
  • – Selecting the special body color Snowflake White Pearl Mica increases the price by 33,000 yen (including tax).
  • 1 The XD Proactive S Package model will be available in January 2020 in Japan.
  • 2 Standard equipment on 25S L Package, 25T L Package, 25T Exclusive Mode, XD L Package and XD Exclusive Mode. Available as a factory-installed option on 25 S Proactive, XD Proactive and XD Proactive S Package.
  • 3 Standard equipment on 25T L Package, 25T Exclusive Mode, XD L package and XD Exclusive Mode (also available without sunroof). Available as factory-installed option on 25S Proactive, 25S L Package and XD Proactive S Package.
  • 4 Applies to models without the Bose Sound system. The number of suitcases may differ depending on their shape.
  • 5 JC08 and WLTC test cycle fuel economy figures listed here have been measured under prescribed test conditions and surveyed by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Fuel consumption is affected by driving conditions (weather, traffic conditions, etc.) and driving style (rapid acceleration, use of air conditioning, etc.)
    WLTC: A global test cycle consisting of city, suburban and highway modes weighted to reflect average use times.
    Suburban mode: Simulates driving at low speeds with traffic lights and congestion
    City mode: Simulates driving with minimal traffic lights and congestion
    Highway mode: Simulates driving on a highway
  • 6 Under the environmental performance-based tax break system, cars registered for personal use are exempted or taxed at between 1% – 3%, depending on its environmental performance as a new car (until March 31, 2021). However, this tax will be reduced by 1% for new cars registered before Sept. 30, 2020. New cars registered before April 30, 2021 are eligible for reduced weight tax under the eco-car tax reduction program.
  • 7 Seven seater with roof rails (without sunroof)
  • 8 With roof rails (without sunroof)

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