2020 Polaris Slingshot R pulls back the practical, fires up the fun


“Fantastic, man!” the middle-aged guy in a landscape hat and a dirty T-shirt called from the street corner. 

“Can we get a picture?” Two sisters on bikes stopped for a snap. We obliged, and encouraged them to sit inside. “Our parents won’t believe it!”

Another young guy looped around the block, parked illegally, and reported the details to his friend on the phone. “Oh, damn,” followed each impression. “This is so fine,” he said. “So fine.”

One neighbor quipped, “I don’t like you but I’d like a ride.”

Teachers at a graduation parade echoed similar sentiments. Jealous types even called out, “Stop showing off!”

You can’t help but show off in the 2020 Polaris Slingshot R. The three-wheeler is not quite car, not quite motorcycle, not quite Batmobile, not quite murder hornet. 

“It’s like a roller coaster,” our 12-year-old fangirl said. It was…

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