2021 Acura TLX Already Offered With Nearly $3,000 In Lease Incentives


The Acura TLX is all-new for 2021, and early indications suggest it’s an improvement over the outgoing model in nearly every way. It’s also more expensive, at least in terms of entry-level trim, and not just by a few bucks either. Perhaps that’s why Acura is already offering some modest incentives for its fresh sports sedan.

That said, a new report from Cars Direct shows it’s still quite pricey even with the discount, and it only applies to lease customers. The crux of the deal includes $1,900 in lease cash, with an additional $1,000 bonus for returning Acura customers or shoppers defecting from other brands. Add them up, and it’s a maximum discount of $2,900 but only if you want to lease a TLX. For those making a purchase, Acura will still pony up the $1,000 discount and pair it with 1.9-percent financing.

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