2021 Chevy Monte Carlo Rendering Modernizes A Nearly Forgotten Coupe


Is the early 2000s Chevrolet Monte Carlo worth reviving? The talented rendering artist The Sketch Monkey thinks so, and he has a new video reworking the design to fit the modern world.

The Sketch Monkey refers to this iteration of the Monte Carlo’s look as “melted cheese” because of the rounded-off corners that create a very soft exterior aesthetic. There’s nothing sharp or angular about the coupe’s appearance.

This video focuses on revising the model’s rear and makes the tail look more like the more angular  Monte Carlo from the 1980s. Skinny, upright taillights are on each side of the trunk. A spoiler incorporates into the trunk lid. The Sketch Monkey also removes some of the body cladding along the side but generally doesn’t change much. He replaces the original five-spoke wheels with a more modern multi-spoke design.

Initially, this generation…

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