Acura Wants To Type S All The Things


In a recent interview with Motortrend, Acura brand officer Jon Ikeda had the opportunity to discuss the current state of Acura and where the brand is ultimately heading. With the release of the new Acura, TLX things seem bright for Honda’s luxury division which is looking to return to the golden age of this beloved brand. During Motortrend’s interview, Jon Ikeda stated that Acura wants a Type S performance variant for all Acura vehicles, which is something we’re very interested in.
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Acura was on a roll with models like the NSX supercar, Integra Type-R sport-compact, Legend Luxury Sedan, and TL Sport sedan. Although some vehicles may have had humble Honda roots, Acura’s dedication to performance and driver engagement made these coveted vehicles that many cherish to this day.
Acura wants to get back to their…

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