Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Coupe Rendering Needs To Happen For Real


Alfa Romeo took the sports car scene by storm in June 2018 when it teased the return of two important monikers – GTV and 8C. However, both coupes have been shelved as part of a restructuring plan that involves investing in the Tonale and another high-riding vehicle to cash in on the never-ending demand for crossovers. That means there’s no coupe in sight, so enthusiasts don’t really have something to look forward to beyond the Giulia GTA and its track-focused GTAm sibling.

That didn’t stop Aksyonov Nikita from daydreaming about a new Alfa Romeo with just two doors by firing up Photoshop and messing around with an image of the new Gran Turismo Alleggerita. The end result is an attractive Giulia GTA Coupe that is unlikely to see the light of day to take on the BMW M4 Coupe and Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Coupe rendering

Some would argue the GTA treatment…

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