Alfa Romeo Sold Just 144 4C Sports Cars In The U.S. Last Year


Just about everyone knows Alfa Romeo’s return to the United States in 2014 following a 19-year hiatus hasn’t quite lived up to FCA’s expectations. 2019 was a particularly bad year for the famous Italian brand if we were to take a look at the sales chart. Not even the Stelvio SUV could help Alfa as sales of the BMW X3 competitor plummeted by 22% to 9,444 units. In regards to the Giulia sedan, the 3 Series rival also suffered a major sales decline last year taking into account demand dropped by 24% to 8,704 vehicles.

The biggest decrease percentage-wise was for the 4C as the small sports car was bought by just 144 people the whole year. That’s just a dozen of cars sold per month on average, and a decline of 39% compared to 2018. It is worth mentioning Alfa Romeo USA killed off the 4C Coupe after the 2018 model year, leaving only the 4C Spider…

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