All We Want For Christmas Are These Cars Parked Under The Tree


When we do this feature next year, I’ll almost certainly end up picking an electric car like the Ford Mustang Mach-E or Porsche Taycan. But for this year, I’m going with a big V8-powered luxury coupe. You see, as a mental exercise, I often consider what my perfect two-car garage would be. The winter vehicle remains a Range Rover Sport Autobiography, but my summer car has changed. In the spot formerly occupied in my mind by a Porsche 911 Carrera S sits a Bentley Continental GT V8. 

I’ve built this car many times on Bentley’s consumer page (you can view it using the code “EUYH64AK” at the Bentley configurator). The color is called Verdant, and it’s a deep, rich, dark metallic green. The wheels are black, and there’s no chrome on the exterior, because I need to be just a bit douchey. But as cool as this car looks on the exterior, it’s nothing…

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