An Audi RS 6 Sedan Probably Isn’t Happening


Audi’s RS model line is growing in the United States. Thank the emergence of new nameplates, such as the RS Q8, and returning ones, like the RS 6. Last sold in the U.S. more than a decade ago, the RS 6 is the hottest variant of Audi’s mid-size model. Unlike its predecessor, which was offered exclusively as a sedan in the U.S., the latest RS 6 comes to our shores as a wagon, or Avant in Audi parlance. And the brand seems happy to keep it that way.

While an RS 6 sedan is certainly possible, the body style seems unlikely to see the light of day. As Filip Brabec, Audi of America’s vice president of product management, put it during an interview with at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, “we are able with the [RS 7] Sportback to really cover a good number of people that are sort of in the sedan space, so then you really think about how…

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