Avid Acura Collector Remakes 1998 Ad With His Six Cars


Dedication to a single car brand isn’t entirely a new thing. Heck, we even discovered a man who owns 114 VW Golfs. But Tyson Hugie from Scottsdale, Arizona isn’t just a fan of a single nameplate – he loves Acura as a brand. So much so, that he owns a handful of them and turned his garage into an Acura showroom from its heyday in the ’90s. 

Hugie didn’t stop there. Inspired by an excerpt from a 1997 issue of the Acura Driver Magazine, he spent time and money to own each vehicle from the tearsheet, and he’s pretty successful in doing so.

Tyson Hugie’s Acura Collection

We’re talking about these Acura cars (seen above), sold in the late ’90s. As a rundown, here are the cars from Hugie’s collection: 1999 Integra GSR in Supersonic Blue Pearl, 1996 TL 2.5 TL in Garnet Red Pearl, 1992 NSX in Formula Red, 1999 CL 2.3 in Milano Red, 1996 SLX Premium in…

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