Callaway Corvette C7 Z06 Champion Is The Ultimate Track Focused C7


To celebrate 25 years of motorsports excellence, Callaway Competition is releasing a run of only 25 C7 Corvette Z06s that will benefit from decades of motorsports engineering experience. Callaway is a familiar tuning company here in the US where it takes products from General Motors and works to improve performance in almost every category. For 25 years Callaway has taken its passion for performance car engineering and turned it towards various racing series in Europe with impressive results.


Callaway Competition has a unique relationship with General Motors who authorizes Callaway Competition to build and homologate Corvettes for various racing series. Callaway Competition has been in Germany for over 25 years and has a great deal of experience importing Corvette racecars to take the fight to its European rivals. 

This relationship isn’t just…

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