Chevrolet Corvette C8 Spy Photos Could Show Grand Sport Or Z06


There’s a mystery in Corvette land. A new batch of spy photos depicts a camouflaged C8, but there are people claiming this vehicle is the new Grand Sport and Z06. Obviously, it can’t be both. Let’s look at the evidence and try to arrive at an educated hypothesis.

The camouflaged Corvette in these spy shots (gallery below) wears a fairly significant amount of camouflage, including fabric covering, a wrap, and false panels. In front, there’s a scoop on the hood that could be hiding aerodynamic venting or just be a red herring to throw us off the scent. 

The inlets along the sides aren’t visible. Looking at the way the fabric drapes over it, the sharper shape of the openings from the C8.R racecar might be underneath the covering.


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