Chevy And VW Having A ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ Dispute In Brazil


It looks like we’re going to have a war between Chevrolet and Volkswagen, at least on social media in Brazil where the 2021 Chevy Tracker compact SUV was recently presented in an online event. The Tracker is offered in South America, but things didn’t go according to plan for GM during the recent event and VW decided to poke some fun. Thus the war-of-words began.

Specifically, VW made fun of GM for not opening the rear hatch during the small SUV’s official presentation. As such, the Detroit-based brand counterattacked on Instagram, extolling that its compact SUV is the most complete in its segment for the region, costing less while providing more space than the VW T-Cross.


Roughly translated, the above Instagram post from Chevrolet reads: “If @vwbrasil created controversy with the hatch closed at the launch of the new Tracker, imagine how it will…

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