Chevy Camaro Tries To Evade Police, Ends Up Crashing


We get it, we really do. We love our high horsepower machines with rear-wheel drive, and we like to flex our “driving skills” to our buddies on the weekends. The difference is that the smart ones take it to the track instead of doing burnouts on a heavily travelled and policed section of the Angeles Crest Highway in California. Oh, and may we add that if you do get caught doing something stupid by the police, no matter how embarrassing it may be, just pull over and take the ticket, no matter what. These are the words of wisdom we would’ve imparted on Mister Camaro in this video, but alas there was no chance to do so.


In the video above, you can see the camera car, what looks like to be an Abarth, together with his/her Abarth buddies pulling up to a famous pullover spot in the Angeles National Forest. You could already see the smoke billowing from…

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