Chevy Corvette C6 Driver Caught Going 131 MPH On South Dakota Highway


South Dakota is a land with wide-open spaces and generous speed limits. Only two major interstates are located there – I-90 which spans the entire state east-to-west, and I-29 that runs north-to-south. You’ll find I-29 on the state’s far eastern border with Minnesota, and traveling north the highway is as straight and flat as it is desolate. That combination proved too much to resist for this Chevrolet Corvette driver.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol shared an image from a Watertown-based patrol vehicle on July 1, stopped with a silver C6 Corvette. Watertown is located in the northeast portion of the state off I-29, which is where this minor speed event took place. The photo clearly shows a radar-indicated speed of 131 mph; in this particular location, the speed limit on I-29 is 80 mph so the ‘Vette was going 51 mph over the posted rate. That…

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