Chevy Corvette C8 Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheels May Have Leaked On eBay


Remember those Chevrolet option carbon fiber wheels for the Corvette C8 on the configurator? No? Neither have we. An eBay listing reveals that a user was trying to sell a full set of carbon fiber wheels for the C8, with the title being “2020 Corvette C8 Carbon Revolution [20/21-inch] Factory Original OEM Wheels Rims Set”. Thing is, carbon fiber wheels were never an option for the C8, so we’re wondering– has this ad just revealed that the upcoming Z06 could sport the same exact design and construction in the future?

Posted by a reputable seller of wheels, certifiedfactorywheelinc, their rating suggests an almost flawless track record for selling quality wheels and parts, so faking a set of OEM spec wheels isn’t exactly going to do…

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