Chevy Corvette With 880-HP Jet Engine Is Not For The Faint Of Heart


There’s no witty opening paragraph for this tidbit of automotive insanity. What you see in the above video from Barcroft Cars is indeed a jet-powered 1978 Chevrolet Corvette. It doesn’t have a massive turbofan with an afterburner pulled from an F-22 Raptor, or any front-line fighter for that matter. Still, the gas turbine under the C3’s long hood sounds like a proper jet, and it does generate no less than 880 horsepower (656 kilowatts). Ladies and gentlemen, we present for your viewing pleasure the Jet ‘Vette.

The engine swap is certainly impressive, especially when considering just how stock this car looks from the outside. Big set of wheels notwithstanding, one would assume this is a typical 1970’s era Corvette. That would change, however, when the Pratt & Whitney ST-6B gas turbine comes to life. Originally designed for helicopter use,…

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