Chevy, Mazda Sales Slides Have Now Reached A Full Year


Since 2016, after years of explosive growth in the wake of the Great Recession, overall US auto sales have begun to fall. Automakers that once rode the wave of economic growth are beginning to falter. Some automakers have been struggling for months, and the coronavirus pandemic has only further hurt sales. All you have to do to see this trend is look at Chevy and Mazda, two automakers that cross 2020’s midway point with a full year of declining month-over-month sales.

According to a new report from Automotive News, June marks the 12th consecutive month that Chevy and Mazda saw year-over-year sales decline. The publication also noted that the two “posted their lowest sales totals in the first half of a year since 2011.” The news hasn’t been all bad for the industry, though. For example, Subaru saw its 91st consecutive month of year-over-year…

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