Chevy Suburban Video Reminds Us To Be Careful With Aftermarket Wheels


Vehicle modification is part of everyone’s car ownership journey. If you own a vehicle, you’d probably want to upgrade it with something that suits your personality and of course, to suit the car.

In this regard, changing your wheels will almost always be the first thing to come in mind. It’s one of the easiest to do, plus its relative cost is easier to bear than other aftermarket upgrades. It’s also the easiest to match your personality with.

For SUV owners, upgrading to a bigger set of wheels, especially chrome ones, would be an attractive buy. Just beware, though, as some rims out there in the market may sound too good to be true. And yes, we’re talking about the price.

As a rule of thumb, never buy a cheap set of aftermarket wheels. Otherwise, be prepared for something like in the video on top to happen to you.

In a video uploaded by ViralHog on…

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