Chevy Unfazed By Bronco’s Return, Highlights Blazer’s On-Road Performance


It’s no surprise that the original Ford Bronco and Chevy Blazer shared many similarities. However, things are very different now in 2020 with the Blue Oval honoring its heritage, and Chevrolet building a fully modern crossover. So ever since the former broke the internet with the announcement that its baby would come back, what makes General Motors so sure the Blazer won’t be forgotten?

Sure, the new Bronco has drain plugs in the interior so it can be hosed down after a trip through the boonies, but what’s it like behind the wheel? As its rival cites the Blazer’s on-road performance as one of its party pieces, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that some customers will use their vehicle as a people carrier, never putting the tires in the dirt.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer: First Drive

Many have tried to render the unibody crossover as an aggro offroader but every time it looks too…

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