China’s New Bestune B70 Copies Cadillac CT5 Design


Chinese automakers have a nasty habit of seeing something they like and copying it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as the saying goes, but such copying is never good for either company. The latest example comes in the form of FAW’s new, third-generation Bestune B70, formerly the Besturn B70. It’s significantly more upscale than its predecessor while borrowing the already well-worn design of the Cadillac CT5.

The similarities in their designs are easy to spot, though FAW did put in a respectable effort in giving the design its own twist. The B70 does its best CT5 impression from a profile view. Here, it’s easy to see the B70’s greenhouse and how it features a similar kick at the rear just like the Cadillac.


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