Corvette C8 And Shelby GT500 Track Pack Duel In Half-Mile Race


It’s no surprise that the Mustang is one of the great muscle cars of all time. It has proven its place as a bad mama Jama, but the Shelby GT500 Track Pack shows a detour from straight-line specialist to something resembling a track day weapon. As such, Speed Phenom’s latest video features a half-mile drag race between the best Mustang money can buy and the C8 Corvette.

Keeping with the true ethos of Carol Shelby, the snake is fitted with a 760-horsepower (567-kilowatt) 5.2-liter supercharged V8. Along with big reserves of power, it comes with a host of carbon-fiber goodies including carbon wheels; along with being very light, the new rims reduce the unsprung mass of the car, which can have a positive effect on acceleration.

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