Corvette C8 Might Go Faster Around The Nurburgring Than 7:29.9


The Chevrolet Corvette C8 has proven to be well worth the wait for some, providing a refreshing take on the brand since what feels like forever. While it isn’t perfect, in terms of performance, the Corvette C8 provides excellent value, with numbers playing up there with cars that cost twice as much. And the Nürburgring lap times prove this, with Chevrolet releasing a time of 7:29.9. If you’re all about number crunching, you’ll know that these Nürburgring lap times, official or unofficial, have always been considered the benchmark – an accurate way of gauging performance over what is essentially a very long and dangerous road course not for the faint of heart. While that 7:29.9 is nothing to scoff at, there’s some word going around that it could have been faster.

According to Muscle Cars & Trucks (MC&T), they’re pretty much convinced that the…

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