FCA-PSA Merger Officially Finalized: Hello, Stellantis!


I was just writing earlier about Peugeot reconsidering its return into the American market, and mentioned that the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Groupe PSA merger was almost official – then this.

It’s official: PSA and FCA are now merged into a single automaker under the name Stellantis. The moniker originates from the Latin verb “stello” which means “to brighten with stars” when directly translated.

The FCA-PSA merger plan was officially announced at the end of October 2019 on what would be a 50/50 union with stockholders of each company to own 50 percent of the equity. In July 2020, the merger officially got the Stellantis name and designated PSA head honcho Carlos Tavares as the new company’s CEO for the first five years.

In November 2020, the official Stellantis logo was unveiled. Earlier this month, the plan pushed forward with the…

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