Ferrari 360 Rally Car Hides Amazing Secret Beneath Its Skin


With good reason, you might be tempted to believe this is some sort of Ferrari 360 GT, 360 Challenge or any other motorsport-spec version of the Modena adapted to go rally racing. However, that’s not actually the case at all. Proving looks can indeed be deceiving, this prancing horse that loves to go fast on a gravel course wasn’t built in Maranello and it’s not actually a Ferrari at all underneath its 360 Modena skin.

Our colleagues at Road and Track stumbled onto the rally car on social media and after some thorough investigation, they discovered it’s a custom project built on a bespoke tube-frame chassis hiding underneath the Ferrari 360 Modena clothing. The story is more interesting than that as in the engine compartment there’s no 3.6-liter V8 engine like you’ll find in the Ferrari F355’s successor. The interesting rally car is…

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