Ford Ranger Gets Beefy Body And Lift Kit From German Tuner


We are still waiting for an official confirmation of Ford’s plans to build a V8-powered Ranger Raptor but that doesn’t mean there aren’t very capable Rangers in existence already. Not all of them come from the automaker as tuners are now getting more and more interested in upgrading the truck.

Case in point, Delta 4×4 from Germany has just released its comprehensive package for the Euro-spec Ranger. The good news is the kit focuses on the off-road capability of the pickup and relies on a modified suspension with longer springs for 1.5 inches (4 centimeters) of additional ground clearance and a body lift kit, which raises the Ranger further 4 inches (10 cm).

Other improvements include special 305/60 R18 off-road tires wrapped around matte black alloys. To accommodate the new wider tires, the Ranger also gets widebody wheel arches finished in body color-matching hue.

Visually, the truck receives a pair of auxiliary LED lights by Japanese firm PIAA, mounted to the additional crash bar of the front bumper. This particular example also has a funky wrap on sections of its exterior, including the doors and parts of the cargo bed.

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Delta 4×4 is asking €2,260 ($2,475 at the current exchange rates) for the body lift kit and another €2,216 ($2,426) for the upgraded springs and shock absorbers. A full set of four 18-inch wheels with off-road tires comes in at €2,900 ($3,175) and the fender extensions add another €1,800 ($1,971). Finally, the additional front bar with LED lights costs €1,160 ($1,270).

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