GMC Savana Van With 1,100 Horsepower Is An Unusual Sleeper


With the rise of three-row, premium crossovers, conversions vans are becoming a rare sight on the road, but this sleeper GMC Savana from Indiana Muscle Car is one that we’d love to use for a high-speed road trip. Under the hood, there’s a 7.0-liter (427-cubic-inch) LSx V8 with LS3 cylinder heads. For an extra boost, there are two turbochargers running at 22 psi. This setup puts down almost 1,100 horsepower (820 kilowatts) at the wheels, according to the dyno. A strengthened six-speed can handle the extra power, and a custom intercooler keeps the charge air cool. This beast deserves its Magic Spoolbus nickname.

The company even reports it has four-wheel drive, but the video below only seems to show the rear wheels performing the burnout.


From the outside, it’s practically impossible to tell that there’s so much power lurking under the Savana’s hood. The wheels look a little more aggressive than usual, and the exhausts are a larger diameter. None of this is a giveaway of the four-figure horsepower output, though.

On this inside, the van focuses on luxury. Each occupant has his or her own captain’s chair. There’s a huge computer screen at the front that should allow for a plethora of entertainment options like watching videos or playing games.

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The van is going to a customer in Florida. The setup combining huge power and a plush cabin seems perfect for the state’s flat roads. Plus, the police aren’t going to expect a conversion van capable of this rig’s speed.

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