Hennessey’s Chevy Silverado Goliath 800 Puts Down 629 RWHP On Dyno


Hennessey and horsepower go hand-in-hand in Texas, where the tuner has no qualms about building potent performance vehicles. The company makes an assortment of power upgrades for a variety of makes and models ranging from Ford to Ferrari. Their latest creation is neither of those, though. Instead, it’s a potent Chevy Silverado called the Goliath 800.

If you know Hennessey, then you know that 800 is about the truck’s output. The tuner uploaded the video to YouTube of the truck on the dyno where it put down 629 horsepower (469 kilowatts) at the rear wheels. The tuner’s back-of-the-napkin math – accounting for a 25-percent driveline loss – puts flywheel horsepower at 838 hp (624 kW) for the 6.2-liter V8. That’s a gain of 245 hp (182 kW) over the mill’s stock output.

Hennessey says the Goliath 800 is available for the 2019 and 2020…

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