Honda NSX Rendered As Family Friendly Super SUV


The NSX supercar represents one of the most exciting hybrids on the planet and a technological showcase for the Honda and Acura brands. This special vehicle was built to celebrate the automotive passion and cutting-edge engineering that exists at Honda and encapsulates a particular moment in time for production cars. The NSX supercar is a halo product for Honda is used as a marketing tool to sell lesser cars, but what if there was an NSX that could drive around your whole family?


It may sound like blasphemy but this rendering of an NSX SUV is exactly what Honda needs to do to further grow the impact of the NSX brand. Sure, a mid-engine supercar is exciting, but in today’s SUV crazed market an SUV built with a similar passion as the NSX would be a winner. Honda has the opportunity to connect with more buyers while amortizing the development cost…

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