Hongqi E-HS9 Is China’s New Six-Figure, All-Electric Luxury SUV


The Chinese auto market has exploded with brands in recent years. Hongqi isn’t one of the new kids on the block, however. It dates back to 1958 and has a history of luxury and prestige, notably as the brand used by government officials. So when a new Hongqi model is introduced, the locals take notice. And there’s no missing this large all-electric SUV, which makes its public debut at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show.

It bears the unimaginative name of E-HS9, but there’s no denying it has serious presence. The large SUV carries a chiseled front clip that is reminiscent of both the BMW X7 and Hyundai Palisade, and we also see a touch of Rolls-Royce in that broad grille. That last bit might be due to the E-HS9’s designer having been formerly employed by the British luxury brand, but moving to the profile we see shades of the Lincoln Corsair, both in its…

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