Is This The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA?


There’s no denying that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a very pretty car, and there’s also no denying that Alfa Romeo has seen better days, especially in North America. Now, getting those sales numbers up is a story for another time. What’s more important is that an Instagram user by the name of CocheSpias was able to take a picture of what seems to be a heavily camouflaged Alfa Romeo sedan with its nose sticking out of an Alfa Romeo shop or dealership. Unless there’s some garage in Spain where all sorts of Alfa Romeos and their owners hang out, complete with curtains to hide things from prying eyes.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio

If you remember, Alfa Romeo seems to be planning on revealing a new vehicle in June of 2020. The said vehicle is supposedly a B-segment crossover and will sit between the Tonale and the Stelvio. About a month after that, some news leaked again about Alfa Romeo…

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