Ken Block’s Hoonitruck Attacks Goodwood Hill, Sacrifices Wheel Arch


Yes, speed is part of the fun at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. After all, speed is part of the actual name, but still, not all participants at the historic hill climb are there simply to go fast. Professional rally driver and all-around show-off Ken Block likes speed, but as we’ve learned through no less than 10 Gymkhana specials over the last 11 years, he also likes spinning, drifting, and lots of tire smoke.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Block’s return to Goodwood features all of the above. Following an aggressive start and a surprisingly buttoned-down first stint, we get a slight drift from the Ford GT-powered pickup before a proper spin-cycle of all-wheel-drive donuts at show center for the crowd. From there, Block is surprisingly down-to-business, putting the classic F-150 through its paces before slowing to keep the left front…

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