Live From The Detroit Auto Show


New for 2020 is a track-focused, limited-run edition of the car called the RC F Track Edition. Following the facelifted RC coupe’s unveiling at the Paris Motor Show, Lexus pulled the cover off the new Track Edition model in Detroit, giving fans of the brand a look at its entry-level coupe’s sportiest offering.

After seeing the car up close and in the metal, we have several positives to report. Most important is related to the model’s weight, as the new Track Edition sheds 176 pounds. Thank the liberal use of carbon fiber throughout the body, as well as the removal of the rear seats.

Other notable pieces include 19-inch BBS forged-alloy wheels with Brembo carbon-ceramic brake rotors. These lighter pieces reduce the Track Edition’s unsprung weight by 55 pounds relative to the standard RC F.

Lexus also spent time tinkering with the 5.0-liter V8…

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