Luxury Models From Several Automakers Getting Big Holiday Discounts


Black Friday. Bargain hunters love it, retail workers hate it, but it’s never the less a day where just about everything has a discount. We’ve already seen some automaker-specific deals outlined by the folks at CarsDirect, but today’s report covers a gauntlet of luxury-car incentives from virtually every corner of the globe. Specifics can obviously vary depending on location and the always-present fine-print associated with year-end deals, but this overview can help point your car-buying decision process in the right direction.

We’ll start in Germany, where BMW is set to offer price discounts and better lease deals on just about every crossover in the company’s lineup. Lease specifics aren’t spelled out, but crossovers will get $2,000 to $2,500 price discounts and special finance rates. In addition, some models offer an additional $1,000…

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