Meet The New Brand That Wants To Turn The Industry Upside Down


Lynk & Co wants to shake up the car industry – and not just in a Kia’s-seven-year-warranty kind of way, it wants to fundamentally change the way we interact with car companies and buy their stuff.  Company boss Alain Visser is the man putting it all together – he’s a good-humored Belgian with a steely undercurrent. 

“We see more and more around the world that young people willing to spend a lot on mobility, whether it’s Uber or the train, but they don’t want a big outlay all at once,” he explains. “They are willing to spend $500 or $600 a month to go to concerts. It’s the metrics of the Spotify concept, that’s the market we’re looking at. With us, you’ll only have to commit for one month.”

Lynk and Co’s cars are going to be available exclusively through the firm’s new subscription setup – you pay a fixed fee each month,…

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