New Made-For-TV Batmobile Based On Corvette Shooting Brake


Batman isn’t the Cape Crusader without his wheels, and the same goes for Batwoman. She needs a ride, too, and the second season of CW’s “Batwoman” TV show is giving her a significant upgrade in the transportation department. Photos and videos from the set show that Batwoman is now driving a new Batmobile – a modified Chevy Corvette shooting brake.

It’s not as audacious as other Batmobiles we’ve seen, though this is a TV show and not some big-budget Hollywood blockbuster looking to sell merchandise. The Corvette here looks like a modified version of the Calloway Corvette Aerowagon, an extended-roof version of the C7 Corvette that turns it into a shooting brake. However, it’s difficult to tell if the show’s Corvette is a real Calloway or a well-done recreation. The car has a ton of extra pieces added, too, to give it the proper Batwoman look.

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