Odd Chevy Discount Cuts $3k Off Price, But There Are Catches Galore


Here’s an interesting deal from Chevrolet uncovered by the folks at Cars Direct. Some current Chevy lessees can get up to $3,000 off on select new Bowtie vehicles, but there are all kinds of catches with this weird, pseudo-secret lease deal. We say pseudo-secret because it’s presumably something only being mentioned to select Chevy owners. We say weird because it requires these owners to upgrade in the literal sense, to a vehicle larger than what they currently own. And yes, this deal is only available as a lease.

That’s the overview, now here are the specifics. According to a bulletin obtained by Cars Direct, eligible lessees who currently have a Cruze, Malibu, or Equinox are eligible to get a 2020 Suburban or Tahoe at a $3,000 discount. Migrating from any one of those rides to a full-size SUV is a terrific step in size, but if that’s a bit…

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