Porsche Allows You To Virtually Visit Its 2020 Beijing Motor Show Stand


At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, several motor shows have postponed their schedules due to the fear of spreading the disease, which is actually the right thing to do. Now, as some parts of the world are experiencing an improvement in the current situation, some auto shows pushed through as scheduled.

This is true particularly in Thailand for the Bangkok Motor Show and in China for the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. Then again, we’re guaranteeing that both events don’t have the same capacity as they usually have.

Porsche understands the situation and devised a way for fans to visit its booth at the Beijing Motor Show. Through a newly-minted website, you may now visit the German automaker’s stand at the comfort of your couch without the dangers of getting COVID-19.

Porsche’s booth showcases what you would expect from Stuttgart. The Cayenne E-Hybrid…

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