The 2020 Acura NSX Is Even Better At Its Base Price


It’s easy to be flippant about money when evaluating supercars. With option packages and performance upgrades regularly costing five figures, the value discussion (if there is one when buying a supercar) tends to fly out the window pretty quickly. But with so many phenomenal performance vehicles out there – and, of course, a certain mid-engined product from Chevrolet now out in the world – money can make a real difference.

A fully loaded Acura NSX checks in at $198,495. At just a hair under $200,000, that car goes toe-to-toe with the Audi R8 Performance ($195,9000) and the brand new Porsche 911 Turbo S ($203,500), among others. However, the car used for this review, a more modestly specced 2020 NSX, has an as-tested price of $164,695. That is a healthy undercut to some of the car’s best competition, which should be enough to keep it in…

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