The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve flies under the radar


Lincoln’s SUVs get more subdued as they inch down the price ladder. The Navigator’s fabulous—as it had better be, with a six-digit sticker price all too easy to reach. The Aviator’s blessed with the same finesse but less bulk. (It’s also ever so slightly more environmentally conscious; it has a plug-in version, you know.)

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair? It flies under the radar, compared to its bigger, brassier brethren. It’s physically unimposing especially next to a Navigator or any full-size SUV for that matter. It’s compact, curt and unassuming even compared with the mid-size Aviator.  

That said, it’s still another beacon for the Lincoln brand, which can’t shed its Continental and MKZ sedans quickly enough. SUVs run the roost at Lincoln, and even the smallest Lincoln SUV bristles with verve that’s all but absent from Cadillac and Infiniti rivals.

We give the 2020 Corsair a…

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