The 2021 Lexus LC Convertible creeps up on SL, Vantage


The stick-pin lighting still arrests us. The artistic roar of its 471-horsepower V-8 still haunts us. And now it’s removed its top. 

Driving the 2021 Lexus LC Convertible feels like watching “Basic Instinct” for the first time—more than a little naughty and aimed squarely at the voyeurs, sure, but among all its flaws, there’s something distinctive there. Something worth sitting with, again and again, same as the LC coupe I’ve been infatuated with since 2016.

This year the LC dazzles with a new convertible that hardly changes a thing about the mock-Aston recipe that’s made the latest Lexus coupe its best two-door effort yet, and easily the most memorable car in its 30-year history. The LC’s responsible for showing us a side of Lexus never before revealed: ambition.

2021 Lexus LC Convertible

Introverts need not apply, even four years after its launch, because the LC…

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