This Damaged Chevy Corvette C8 Must Have A Sad, But Interesting Story


2020 Chevrolet Corvettes are finally arriving at dealerships and making their way to new owners. It’s unclear if this particular white Corvette is owned by an individual, a dealership, or is part of GM’s Corvette fleet. Regardless, it’s definitely seen better days, as this Instagram post from modern.muscle365 clearly shows.

There isn’t context for the car or exactly what happened. Speculation from an article at CorvetteBlogger falls towards this C8 being under the ownership of GM as a preproduction vehicle. Specifically, the wheel gap at the rear fender is larger than what we see on production cars, and the wheels have no center caps in them – something we’ve also seen on test vehicles. Of course, both of these issues could be a result of the impact, but it seems quite unlikely.


As to the impact, that’s a mystery as well. One commenter…

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