Toyota GR Supra Sport Top Revealed As A Targa Nod To The Past


The spirit of the targa-topped Supras from the 1980s and 1990s is alive and well with the GR Supra Sport, a one-off created for this year’s digital-only SEMA show. Toyota says it was inspired by the A80 targa Supra while it was chopping off the roof of an A90 to create the GR Supra Sport Top concept. The latest build follows last year’s retro-flavored Heritage Edition unveiled at the same event held in Sin City.

Work initially started with an air saw, but Toyota and Texas-based KC’s Paint Shop “got nowhere real fast,” cutting only about an inch of steel in half an hour. A change of plan was in order, so they switched to a different cutting tool to get the job done and turn the Supra into an open-air sports car. In its place, Toyota put a pair of 3D-printed composite panels designed to perfectly follow the vehicle’s shape.

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