Twin-Turbo Chevy Corvette C8 By Hennessey Sounds Demonic


Out of all the American tuners, Hennessey Performance is probably one of the most prominent. This is particularly so maybe because of the outstanding numbers its tuned vehicles create, or how incredible-looking the new cars are. Remember the 6×6 VelociRaptor?

As expected, the new mid-engine Corvette C8 isn’t going to be safe from the hands of the Texas-based tuner. As early as December of 2019, Hennessey already announced that it plans to tune the then-undelivered Corvette up to 1,200 horsepower (895 kilowatts) by fitting two turbos behind the rear seats. We believe them and we think that it’s only a matter of when.

Well, that day is today as Hennessey showcased a twin-turbo Corvette C8 on a video posted over at its Facebook fan page….

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